Functionality question

  • Caspar Furner

    Caspar Furner - 2004-12-10

    I've just started looking at DataVision and have created a simple report fine.  However, there are a couple of things I'd like to do which I haven't been able to:
    *  Can my report be multi-language?  ie can the text fields I add be retrieved from a resource bundle rather than being straight text?
    *  Is it possible to return one or more values from a subreport to the main report?


    • bk1_168

      bk1_168 - 2005-01-17

      It might help to use Perl or Ruby.  Create the report's xml-file with the keys to the resource bundle instead of the text fields. Run Perl or Ruby on the file to create a copy of this master file with these key strings replaced by the appropriate language specific strings. Do this for every language you want to support.


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