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Profiler 6.1.0 has been released

6.1.0 Changes:

a.) Fuzzy replacement added
b.) Data Normalization added
c.) Date Format Standarization added

Posted by arrah 2015-09-23

Version 6.0.4 added

Regression analysis added
Business rule added
Schedule business rule

Posted by arrah 2015-02-03

Version 5.5.10 has been added

5.5.10 Changes:

a.) Single file Record Match added.
b.) Option to select Algorithm for match added
c.) Record Merge added.

Posted by arrah 2014-05-09

Version 5.5.9 has been added

5.5.9 Changes:

a.) Record match added - Fuzzy Match
b.) Record linkage added - Fuzzy link
c.) More functions added for Expression Builder

Posted by arrah 2014-03-28 Labels: dataquality

Version 5.5.8 has been added

a.) Cross Column Verification added.
b.) Free Flow / Record Separator based ascii file import added
c.) More functions added for Expression Builder
d.) Unspecific bug fixed.

Posted by arrah 2014-01-29

Version 5.5.7 has been added

5.5.7 Changes:

a.) Local to Hadoop and vice versa file transfer added.
b.) Grouping for date and number field added.
c.) More options for standardisation added.
d.) Unspecific bug fixed.

Posted by arrah 2013-11-27

Version 5.5.6 has been added

Profiler version 5.5.6 has been added. Now it supports data quality options on Hive. It has create table function also. Data can be loaded into hive tables.

Posted by arrah 2013-10-23

version 5.5.5 launched

Version 5.5.5 of Open Source Data Profiler also known as Aggregate Profiler has been launched. It has support for Hive thrift server.

Posted by arrah 2013-09-02

Version 5.5.2 released

Profiler Version 5.5.2 has been released. It has support for Db2.
Also RDBMS connection file can be run from command line like

runprofiler.bat "configFile.txt"

Posted by arrah 2013-05-10

Version 5.3 released

Profiler version 5.3 has been released. It has support for Alpha-numeric characters in phone format. It also has feature to compare to DBs - record by record.

Posted by arrah 2012-12-07

Profiler version 5.0 released

One of the long due item was to separated frontend (Swing GUI) from the core libraries. In this version core libraries and GUI has been separated. No new feature has been added in this version, but refactoring was a major task and that will give boost to new development.

Posted by arrah 2011-07-25

Installation Screen Cast Demo added

How to install zip file has been added to

Posted by arrah 2008-07-22

Released Version 4.10

Open source data profiler and qaulity released version 4.10. It includes

Case Format Added
Discreet Range Analysis Added
Minor bugs Fixed

Posted by arrah 2008-07-18

User Guide released

Much needed user guide has been released for version 4.9 and 4.10
I understand, without user guide it was very confusing to run the software.

Posted by arrah 2008-07-02

Profiler 4.9 released

Added Funtionality
1.) Saving of Analytics as Image
2.) Transposing of rows and columns
3.) Random generation of String, date and number in any language

Posted by arrah 2008-06-13

Version 4.8 released : help needed

Open Source Data Profiler and Quality delivers version 4.8 It has new features of
1.) Parent Table Image Viewing
2.) Mutiple simultaneous table load
3.) Improved similarity logic

Posted by arrah 2008-02-21

Profiler Version 4.7 released

XLS file transactions added.
Line chart added.
Saving and Loading from xml file for DB Load.

Posted by arrah 2008-01-03

Profiler Version 4.6 released

Version 4.6 includes <br>
Similarity Check both from Database and File <br>
Time Series Analysis

Posted by arrah 2007-11-20

Version 4.5 released : help needed

Search DB
Expression builder
Conditional Search
Analytics : Bar Chart, Pie Chart

Posted by arrah 2007-10-17

Version 4.4 Released - help needed

Version 4.4 has improved file upload. Analytics can be saved.
Help needed to improve file uploading to any xml format.

Posted by arrah 2007-09-18

Agrregate Profiler 4.3 release

Open Source Data profiling and quality tool has release its version 4.3
It has improved table model functionalities and improved data quality functionalities.

Posted by arrah 2007-08-24

Version 4.2 released

Version 4.2 includes Completeness and Format validation data quality.
Also the enhanced Search & Replace option can take regex now.

Posted by arrah 2007-05-14

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