First Beta Release 0.7 release

Any DataHolder data object can be marshaled to another application domain via .NET Remoting
This means that you can access your data and business tier from a completely different network or across the Internet
with almost no additional code.
DataHolder .NET data ojects supports by-value marshalling for so-called offline entities (data transfer objects).
This was done trough custom serialization that comes by default for XML and binary formats.
So you can also imediately save the data objects to disk in XML or binarry format.
The database persistance informations are kept separate from the data objects, allowing you for 3 or n tier applications
to keep the database related information in the layer choosen by you, separete from the data informations.
Custom data viewing ( sorting by columns and filter by state). The view has similar functionality with the DataTableView.
Provides hierarchical database persistance(ie you can save/load all the class herarchy with one save/load).
The data can be accessed through regular typed properties or by property name.index similar with datarow access.
Fixed some problems regarding binding on comboboxes
Now the custom properties defined in the class are also visible as colention properties along with the collection data fields
Added the posibility to add aliases to the tables
Modified the designer o use GUID identitifers.
For XLST there will still remain some older poroperties like indexes and duplicated names that are usefull there.
Added the posibility to add aliases to the tables and now they are visible like name (alias) in lists.
The designer suffered some UI changes.
Also other bugs were fixed on wizzard.

Posted by Bogdan 2007-03-10

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