What DataDesigner is shapeing up to be.

DataDesigners sole goal in life is provide a generic web service that can suit the needs of most content providers of anyone needing to make their data / content readily accessable to multiple applications / websites within an organization or to outside applications / websites. To do this the server will expose a method for retrieving documents, this takes care of actually accessing the data. Oooh it can send me an XML Document, wow I could just access this data from it location on a web server. :) Well what if you don't have any data that needs custom processing for each application. What if all you serve up is data that is manipulated to HTML? So we provide a template system for rendering data not only into HTML but other XML documents types, etc. Ok more bases covered, but what if I wanted to search the docstore for certain types of documents or documents containing certain text. Now this would be an extremely effective way to store, serve and present data. Add an ASP.Net app for administrating the docstore and adding data and we have ourselves a

Posted by Nick Daniels 2001-07-09

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