#352 Wensearch - German support

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You can find the information on Software, Movies, Books and Music with one of the standard Online Services (such as Imdb.com, Bol.com, Amazon.com and more).

It would be great if you can add Amazon.de,IMDB.de and Chip.de for geman support.
Or is there a way to add this function by myself?


  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    I have implemented IMDB (as currently available in Data Crow) in english. If I had access to the actual API it would be easy for me to add any language. As it is however this is a very costly affair. I rely on an external site for getting the minimum results.

    Chip.de does not offer any API (a structure matter for querying data).

    Amazon.de is implemented.

    I am moving away from direct website parsing as this is very time consuming and breaks easily. If you find any german movie site which offer an API (through a developer community), let me know and I might add it!

    Adding Online Searches yoruself is possible but relies on programming. Its pluggable, so if you were to create a new online search you can simply copy the JAR / class files to the services folder.

    I will update the documentation as part of the Data Crow 4.0 development.

  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    • status: open --> closed-rejected

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