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DC Improvements + Feature Requests

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-11-12

    Been using DC 3.9.14, Some of my feature request and improvements in response to this thread here

    1 - Duplicate identification is not there yet. ( very helpful in case of ebooks and movies)
    2 - Video mkv format support?
    3 - all windows should not re-sizable; for example ( not sure if it is repeatable), if I resize the backup/restore window, the comments line goes very small. Similarly have noticed trying movie item information window has one field narrowed down.
    4 - After taking a backup (to a directory mentioned in version lower than dc 3.9.14 ) getting error sometimes and doesn't happen. Pointing to a different directory gives a successful backup
    5 - There should be an option to update metadata and covers ( say i select a few books , update these all and get it done in the 'Background' show the results later)
    6 - When i do update all , would not like to see the description on the right side change continually as the update happens and the FOCUS is re-set to the last item on the list. The whole process can be made in the backgroud or atleast retain the focus on the original item
    7 - There are occassions (haven't really been able to repeat it), when using the F1 to F10 keys , cover image of one of the items gets overlaid on the menu.
    8 - in file Structure tree view  keyboard navigations expands the menu under it , it is good for small menus, But when you have 50 or 60 books under each category it is not easy to jump to that category if it expands to the book.
    9 - would like to search for items with out covers and metadata.
    10 - something like cron jobs, schedule to update metadata along with paths(as it happens under drive managerfile syncronizher)
    11 - for items ( especially old ones) where there can be no cover, datacrow should be able to give some default cover image with the title on it. Otherwise in Card view it looks blank and odd , appearing to be a bug in the code not able to deliver the cover.
    12 - in card view it would be superflous to show the author name below each book. we can remove that and use the screen real esate to show more books
    13 - The upgrade notes still call for uninstall and reimport the DB. Although this is easy to do, can we get to a point where we can confidently say upgrade directly and take backup as precaution.
    14 - Calculating/fetching from DB for every refresh is slowing down my DC. Can go back to the old way of fetching once and using cache. I do understand this new method was to reduce the memory footprint which is high. Currently it is still around 250MB+
    15 - 

    - Book File Import ->  directory sort needs
    ---Select all option
    ---needs ability to quickly filter by filetype
    --- The filepath locaiton should be copy paste-able

    16 - Drag & drop to import items
    17 - While doing "online search for an item, say in amazon and i find that the results are not desirable and want to try google and use the Clear button, That clears the whole content including the Search for field" That shouldn't happen. Probably the intention was to make it empty for the user to try something new in case of 'Search and add to list" options.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-11-12

    - Updating an author for an book takes two 'saves' can it be done otherwise ( like say double click will select and close that window and use the other save button)

    - To reduce the size of the backup, we can copy only the big picture alone. After restore, DC can create the small image size copies from the big ones. This will keep the size of the backups small and faster backup times. Restore might be little longer but in my experience i take more backups than the number of restores i do.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-11-12

    - Filesizes for media items can be reported in MB/GB as appropriately

  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    1 - Yes, it is there. See general field settings and mark fields as 'key'. Secondly make sure the general settings; "Check for value uniqueness on saving" (on by default).
    3 - I do not agree
    4 - ? attach a log file for this please from right after this happened. Please log a bug report for this.
    5 - Not sure what you mean here
    6 - Do not agree
    9 - Please log a feature request
    10 - Not sure what the use would be. I rather not have any jobs running scheduled in the background. Note; you can use the drive mappings from the Settings.
    11 - Would cost additional resources.
    12 - You can use the view settings to change this
    13 - No, I want users to take backups :-)
    14 - No. That is not possible with all the problems it caused + the long startup time.
    16 - To where? From node to node? That's a good idea; please log a separate feature request
    17 - I agree; please log a change request.
    19 - That would save a little I agree but would cause the restore process to take a lot longer. My own backup is 666MB. Big, but not too large. I just remove old backup files.
    20 - I agree. Please log a separate change request.

    I appreciate the effort you took in noting all of this down. Could you please, for the items I indicated, log separate tickets? This would make it trackable for me.

    Thanks, Robert


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