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  • mjgraf

    mjgraf - 2007-10-27

    I noted while adding books, that the Storage Medium was the same as Movies, software, etc.

    Is it the intent to have all types of storage media in one list?  If so then I can add hardcover, paperback, e-book, etc. to the list to cover the "storage media" for the book module.

    Should or could there be different lists for each module?

    • Robert Jan van der Waals

      Hi there,

      The storage medium was intended to let you specify where your ebook file is stored.
      However, the storage media are specific for each module; you can change the ones in the
      book module without effecting the storage media of the other modules.

      As a second option, you could also add a new property like 'cover type' and use this property
      in the book module by adding a single or multiple reference field to this cover type type property
      (the help explains this a bit better). (modules > create module wizard & modules > alter module wizard).

      Robert Jan

    • mjgraf

      mjgraf - 2007-10-27

      Thanks for the info.  Guess I should RTFM now ( I normally do ). hehe


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