change multiple items at once

  • Michael Lachmann

    I discovered datacrow just yesterday, but I think it is great! I want to use it for keeping track of my e-book library.

    I have a question:

    How can I change the properties of several items at once? This usually happens when I am updating the category field of many books. I'd like to be able to select several books, and then say: change the category of all of the to romance.

    I changed the category field into a "reference field, multi select". This way I can have a book that is in "study book", "math", and "biology", etc.
    (Actually, I added a field called "Category-multi" that does that). Because of this it often happens that I want to reclassify books - what once was just "study book" becomes subdivided.

    • Robert Jan van der Waals

      The update all functionality might help you in this.

      Robert Jan

    • Michael Lachmann

      Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted. And I thought I read the manual well...

      It works great for category. When I use it on a "multi select field" (my category-multi), I do not see the updates, even after clicking apply, and then save. Even if I open one of the items, it does not seem to be changed. But if I exit datacrow and start it again, I see that the items were changed correctly. Strange.


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