Best way to see DB with an Iphone/ITouch

  • Sebastien Schertenleib


    I am using Data Crow to keep trace of my books, dvds and games but sometimes, I would like to be able to access my DB with my Itouch even when I do not have a Wifi connection.

    I was wondering if someone has some recommendations to export the data maybe in a format that would be compatible with an existing app.

    Basically I only need the title and maybe ISBN with a basic search function. Right now I am using PDF files but I then need to scroll over to find something.

    Any though?


  • Rob vanBrandenburg

    Hey there, I'm struggling with the same 'problem', when I'm in a bookstore I want to check what's on my 'wish list' or see which books I already have… would be great if there was a 'mobile' view of the DB…..

  • EP

    EP - 2010-09-26

    ListPro form Ilium Softwrae ( can help with this.
    However, there are two downsides to this:
    1. It's not free - only 30 days trial
    2. Sadly, as far as I know, DataCrow doesn't let you export specific fields (it exports all or nothing) which means you'll need to go into the CSV file and edit it before importing it into ListPro.

    Once you overcome the previous two "obstacles" it's great, it can even show you the cover of each book and does a great search!

    Hope it helps.

  • Robert Jan van der Waals


    There are two options available;
    1- Export to CSV and import the information any other product.
    2- Create a HTML or PDF report (see the manual on how to create a new report manually).

    I myself have an iPAD and an iPhone and will focus on creating a nice overview for these kind of devices after the 3.9 version.


  • Rob vanBrandenburg

    For those interested, I've built a very simple Android app that loads the DataCrow data.
    It's my first Android app, so it's pretty shaky, but I'm interested in Feedback.

    Info can be found here:

  • Daroga Nadir

    Daroga Nadir - 2011-01-08

    I tried to install your app on my Motorola defy but I got the message: Error while parsing. Any hint what I did wrong ?

  • Rob vanBrandenburg

    @daroganadir  Hi there. Can you send me a sample of your XML file, and also, what version of DC are you using. I built it based on version 3.9.0. Is that the same version you are using ?

    Finally, I don't want to hi-jack Robert-Jan's forums with this, so please post any comments here:

    Thanks for trying my app though :)



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