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Phil B
  • Phil B

    Phil B - 2009-07-05


    it is possible with DataCrow 3.5 to search D information with MusicBrainz. But this searching is only based on 'Artists' or 'Title'. This searching can be very complicated when a lot of CD have the same 'Title' ...

    I think that a great improvement to DataCrow would be to calculate the MusicBrainz ID of the CD and then directly point to the right release in the Musicrainz Database.
    For your information, there is a MusicBrainz Java API located here :

    What do you think of this new feature of DataCrow ?

    Phil B

    • Robert Jan van der Waals

      Hi Phil,

      Yes I know about this library. However it is still in beta at the moment so I am not yet tempted to add it. Furthermore is it, in my opinion, much more work to put in each disc then to either type the title or artist. The size of the library also worries me a little bit. I'll wait for the final version of this JNI project and make my decision then.

      Thank you for the suggestion,
      Robert Jan


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