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  • Pierre-Yves Dantec

    first , the more i use DC, the more i love it ! ;-))

    I would like to create a module based on the Book one for my comics.
    The reason is that i have books sorted on author's name, and comics on "serial" (?) name.
    I've created a module called "indexation" to have the serials with, pictures, authors, etc.
    I's a son of father book.

    But i'd like to have quite different rules between books and comics, so is there a way the keep the online search module when creating a new one.

    Another clue ? is it possible to change the item field from a recorded one, directly in DC or via an export+import ?

    • Robert Jan van der Waals

      It's always good to hear that somebody likes the product! :-)

      I am currently in the process of wrapping up documentation on how to add online services to modules (for developers). It is however not possible to add the online services for books to a newly created module. All online services are created for a specific module. Even when they have all the same fields this would still not work.

      I could do you a favor if you send me your newly created module jar files (located in the module directory). It's easy for me to duplicate and alter the online services for the book module to make them work for your newly created module as long as the new module has the same fields as the books module.

      I am also thinking about adding a 'clone module' functionality. This would enable users to build new modules using an existing module as a template. This would save you from having to ad all the fields manually. Is this something that could be of use to you?

    • Pierre-Yves Dantec

      Thanks a lot,
      my module is not ready yet:  i always first programm with a pencil ;-)
      i was only searching the better way to do it ...

      I have a lot of jobs to do before this ( lots of Cd , Dvd, Books ....)

      I will wait and use the module cloner when it'll be ready, i think this will be very usefull!

      thanks again.

  • Peter Stockebrand

    How far are you with setting up with clonimg module?
    Would like to set up a Module for boardgames, who mostly have an ISBN number so would like to see the online functionality.


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