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Audio CD + Music Album = Music Module

  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    I am planning to merge the Audio CD module and the Music Album module into one new module called "Music". The new module will have all fields from both modules. Fields changed or added to one of the old modules will also be merged into the new Music module (and the Track module).

    Are there any opinions on this? Remarks? Hints? Objections.

    I am planning to do this in the 3.6 version in about a month or so.

    Robert Jan

  • Richard Trumbore

    Can that config be used to handle audiobooks with many tracks?

  • Pierre-Yves Dantec

    will it still be possible to have the same disk both ripped and on cd ?
    i have quite  a lot of both and i don"t want to have them merged in dc as ther often different version and as not all mp3 are on CD .

  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    I am not sure yet wether I am actually going to merge these two modules or take another approach. I do think something needs to be changed as to many users the concept of a music moudule and an audio CD module is confusing.

    I might:
    Rename the "music album" module to "music files albums" and create an additional module where both the music file albums and audio CD albums are shown. Whatever is going to happen I will make sure that the original functionality is kept.

    I have moved this implementation and migration nightmare on to the 4.0 version. Any ideas are welcome! :-)


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