Short Stories, Subtitle fields for books?

  • Alan Mintaka

    Alan Mintaka - 2009-10-01

    I'm a new user of Data Crow.  The import wizard is very impressive.  I had no problems at all importing 1700 books from a CSV file.  Nice!

    My original database has one-to-many links between books and the short stories included in those books.  Currently I store only Title and Author information for each short story.  The short story authors are linked to the same table used for the book authors, so that each author has "Related" data that includes all books and short stories written by that author.

    I was wondering if Data Crow has the capability of storing short story and/or subtitle data for books that are anthologies.  Is there a way to do this that I've overlooked, or is this capability not supported in Data Crow?

    The import tools for cataloging programs that support subtitle fields for books are typically configured to import two CSV files: one file for book data, and one file for subtitles data.  The books are linked to their respective subtitles via numeric ID fields in the CSV files.  In the book data file, each book has a unique numeric ID.   In the subtitles data file, all subtitles for a book have the same numeric ID as the book. 

    Thus the relationship between the book CSV file and the subtitles CSV file is a one-to-many link using that numeric ID field.  The import tool uses this relationship to link the book-subtitle tables native to the cataloging software.

    If Data Crow doesn't support subtitle storage now, are there plans for such a feature in the future?

    Thanks for your time,
    Big Al Mintaka

  • Pierre-Yves Dantec

    First please forgive my english.

    I think what you're waiting for would be quite easy to do with a sub module "subtitle" dependant of 'Books" used as father.
    You could use this new module with the same author tables as Book items.
    The only thing i"m not sure of is the way datacrow will use your ID implementing the 1-n relationship in your personnal csv files.
    Could you please post a link to (shortened) examples of the "father" book csv file and the "son" subtitle csv file , just to try to build something ?


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