High CPU Usage - Slow Online Movie Search

  • blkudera

    blkudera - 2007-10-23

    Hello wonderful job on the app!

    I am trying the latest version (movie module) and javaw.exe appears to utilize a very high percentage of my CPU. This appears to specifically happen while doing an online movie search. Does anyone else experience this or do I just have a bad install? I'm running the latest java software on a P4 1.79GHz PC.

    • blkudera

      blkudera - 2007-10-23

      Also, I meant to mention that it seems if I only use Amazon, the online search is much quicker than if I use the combo Amazon/IMDB or even just the IMDB.  This there a valid explanation behind this? I have attempted to use Amazon's web service before and it worked very quickly as well- maybe the services overall on IMDB are slower?


      • Robert Jan van der Waals

        This depends on your setting "retrieve additional information on actors / actresses" in the online search.
        Imdb is generally slower then Amazon. The combined Amazon&Imdb search is slow as both services are queried in parallel.

        Robert Jan

    • blkudera

      blkudera - 2007-10-23

      Hi Robert Jan! Believe it or not, I did use F1 and read about the complexity of retrieving all of the additional data, and I also saw on the Online Search form where it indicates selecting that option is (slow). I guess I should have provided more detail- but I did actually have enough common sense to remove the 'Slow' option to try and receive better response times, but that did not improve anything. The only thing that significantly improved the response time was when I stopped using IMDB from the combo box and used Amazon alone.  This then raises the question as to what is different behind the data with the two services.  Am I losing access to pertinent data when I don't use the IMDB service?

      • Robert Jan van der Waals


        I did not mean to insult you, just checking. ;)

        I have found where the CPU usage is coming from. Actors and directors are created on the fly and saved to the database while doing an online movie search. As Imdb has more information on the cast available as compared to Amazon this causes a lot of overhead. For the next beta (there will be another beta) this will have been changed;
        - actors and other persons/companies will no longer be saved to the database while searching online.
        - when saving an item (movie), its actors and such will be saved to the database.

        This will also prevent the database from being populated with tons of actors, directors, etc, not belonging to any of your movies. It was designed the way it is working now, but looking back this was not the most sensible approach. Obviously.

        As to answer you last question; Imdb has in general more detailed information available on movies.

        Robert Jan


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