item owner?

  • kyle775

    kyle775 - 2009-10-27

    Is it currently possible to have items with different owners?  for example say i have two users in Datacrow can some items be "owned" by each user?  I currently have need to keep track of two seperate collections of dvds with some of the same dvds. being able to set an "owner" would be useful.

  • LucyFan

    LucyFan - 2009-10-29


    I had a similar issue and got round it by using the Modules; alter module wizard menu path to add an owner field to the module.

  • kyle775

    kyle775 - 2009-10-30

    this is a good idea… however i am not sure it will allow a user to only modify items they own… if i create a user in datacrow and they enter items and add their user name to a field i have created… other users might be able to modify their items.  also it seems more intuitive that when a user logs in any items they add would be "theirs" without having to enter their own name in a defined field.

  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    Currently this option is not available. You could log this as a feature request. Please also indicate:
    - Are there users who would be allowed to view and edit any item, regardless of it owners?
    - Are there items which do not have an owner or would all items have an owner?
    - How would a user indicate that he/she is an owner or would that be based on who created the item? Can any user indicate an additional owner for his/her items?

    Robert Jan


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