Information sharing functionality?

  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    I have been toying with this idea to allow Data Crow users to
    exchange there information. Users would have the option to indicate
    which items and which fields should be shared with other users.
    By default the information sharing functionality would be off.

    Would you be interested in such a feature?

    • Miguel Vieira

      Miguel Vieira - 2007-04-18

      I think it's a cool feature. But personally I don't think I'd use it much.

    • mr_stroppy

      mr_stroppy - 2007-04-23

      This would be an excellent idea. Some other suggestions:

      I'd like to be able to have a central Data Crow database on a server for users on any of the supported plaftorms. The Data Crow server would run independent of users (is this possible with the current design?)
      Different users would see all or part of the database depending on their rights. Users would be able to make a local backup of some or all of the database depending on theri rights.
      Different users would own their own data & allow others definable access.

      Anyway, great work. If it's possible to extend it to s client/server model that would be fantastic.

      • Robert Jan van der Waals

        The sharing functionality was just a crazy idea. The user base would have to be huge to make it of any use.

        A centralized database would be nice and easier to implement. Although I have been thinking in another concept;
        Allow users to upload their information (users can select which fields are allowed and such) to a central Data Crow database for general use (the database would be hosted by me). Then I could make this information automatically available to other users via an online service implementation.. voila.

        What do you think of this idea?

    • Tarkin

      Tarkin - 2007-04-30

      I've just started having a look at data crow, which seems very good. I'd like to suggest a preference for a central database on our own server. Its nice to have that feeling of control over my own data, and it would take the pressure off of you to maintain a very reliable site that could end up hosting a lot of data and using a fair bit of traffic.

      Being able to update records in an offline copy and then synching would be great as well. I'm just imagining taking my tablet out and about while doing some present shopping...



      • Robert Jan van der Waals

        That would be more inline with the server-client implementation people have been asking me about for ages. And rightly so, as I would like to have it as well. Anyway, a couple things would in my opinion have to be introduces to enable this.. such as accounts and a database locking mechanism (although I am not sure if that already might be part of the HSQL DB engine).


        (..don't tell anyone.. Data Crow's next patch release will unofficially support running against a HSQL database server.. just like it did in the old days)


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