Data Crow 3.9 Beta 3

  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    Test now or your bug reports will be ignored once the production version is released!! ;-)

    Testing period ends on November 14th, 2010..


  • Kalle Werner

    Kalle Werner - 2010-11-04

    I tested 3.9 Beta 4, if that is okay :)

    This is ubuntu 10.04, installed datacrow with the installer and run it via shell

    /Data Crow BETA IV$ java -Xmx512M -jar datacrow.jar

    There is something wrong when trying to add some file info in the film module: after selecting the file and hitting okay, ALL of my harddrives are active and presumably looking for something. At first I gave it some time, but when it tried to access all my harddrives, I got nervous. Even after some time, the harddrives do not come to a stop, getting accessed in an alternate order, so it seems, and I can only kill the whole thing. There is no error message and no response from dc.

    I tested again, went into the add file-info dialog, hit cancel and had to wait some time for dc to react again. No harddrive noises now.

    Turning on the debug level, it shows that is trying to access EVERY file it can find!

    DEBUG [AWT-EventQueue-0] ( - Beschäftig mit Lesen von /home/kalle/Bilder/Caturday/.xvpics
    DEBUG [AWT-EventQueue-0] ( - Beschäftig mit Lesen von /home/kalle/
    DEBUG [AWT-EventQueue-0] ( - Beschäftig mit Lesen von /home/kalle/.Skype.mod/user/voicemail

    It really should not do that :)

  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    You must have selected a directory instead of a file; if you select a directory Data Crow will try and determine the size of the files contained in that directory, including all the sub folders.

    Cheers, Robert

  • Kalle Werner

    Kalle Werner - 2010-11-05

    Hi Robert,

    I can reproduce this with any file I select in any directory. It always runs through the whole root filesystem /, because it is also checking all the mounted harddrives as well.


  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    That is strange. By the way, this has been changed in the 3.9 so I am wondering if this is also happening on version 3.8.16..
    I did make a change in the last beta version (6) so that Data Crow will never ever scan all folders to get the folder file size.

  • Kalle Werner

    Kalle Werner - 2010-11-06

    v3.9.0 shows that it is clearly traversing up the hierarchy.

    Hmm, I tested again with v3.8.10 (where there was no problem) and it seems to be happening there, too. The debug switch does not provide me with any confirming info, but the harddrive activity is the same. I upgraded my java version some time back on that linux box and haven't touched datacrow since, might that be the culprit? Windows appears to be doing fine.

    This seems to be a problem on my end and not (just) connected to your Beta version. So I am sorry to cause you trouble here. I will report back if I can narrow it down. :(


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