Save operation hangs in book module

  • Anonymous - 2012-02-26

    I have recently installed Data Crow, version is 3.9.11.  I am using windows Vista, I have administrator rights  Program is in directory c:\datacrow.

    Program hangs when editing a books data…save will not work:

    Can't "Save" changes to an existing book's Summary info.
    (1) Made change to a summary field
    (2) pressed "Save" button
    (3) "Save" button remains selected (highlighted), operation never completes.
    (4) Press "Close" button.
    (5) Receive msg:  "There are unsaved changes.  Do you want to save now?"
    (6) pressed "Yes" button
    (7) returned to Summary window and "Close" button is highlighted
    (8) press "Close" button and again receive msg: "There are unsaved changes.  Do you want to save now?"

    I followed the input from rtrumbore.  I paused indexing-will not work.  I turned off indexing on drive C:\ completly, will not work,

    Great program.  Pretty useless if I can't edit data once it is in the database.  So what am I missing?

    Best regards


  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    Could you send me the log file (log/data_crow.log) so I can take a look at what is happening?
    Please send to


  • Anonymous - 2012-03-21

    I have the same problem. Has this probleem been resolved or should I send you my log file as well? Thank you in advance!

  • garoon

    garoon - 2012-06-15

    hi there,

    after realising today i could look into this forum, i would mention i have also save issues.

    dont know whats wrong, but at around 400 files i have ~5 files i cant save. tried alreay a lot of things like (clearing all field, renaming the file - the file info,…) but strangly nothing works.

    i also tried checkin the log but there i didnt found useful information to solve it.

    like the previous entry, would nice to know if we could still send logs to you about this issue.

    atm i am using the version 9.13, seems to be the latest and my problems are still occuring.

  • Robert Jan van der Waals


    Best is always to create a bug report and attach the log file from there.


  • garoon

    garoon - 2012-06-16

    thx for your fast reply.

    like you said i will keep an eye on this topic and make a bug report.

    strange is the fact that after the save problem occur, at the log nothing, nothing not one line, exist that point to this problem.

    if there are different verbose level for logging ? fpr example i have to start DC with a special parameter to have FULL logging information ? only curios to know before i open a a ticket.

    anyways, thx for your work at DC, if i am not so lazy i my free time, i would starting similar tool, but focused on the core functionality movie management. a lot of tools for this out there but mostly crappy, laggy or insufficient functions … DC is the best from this given pool. i know its not possible, but DC written in C,C++ or some .NET language would be awesome towards performance.

    java for me as desktop app base wont satisfy me completly due its responsiveness or "feeling".

    sorry for the anti java follow up :) its not against DC but my dislike against java desktop programming. besides this i get the java plan for cross platform combatibility so … i am quit now :)


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