How would you catalog burned DVDs from television organised by topic and content?

  • charles

    charles - 2014-02-02

    I have a DVD recorder and I record and edit and burn to DVD a lot of TV content. My first thought was to just create a module called "DVD from TV" but how would you list the contents to make it searchable and sortable? And a container doesn't seem right either, because the container should eventually be the name or tote number that they are stored in - which will be by topic.

    For example here are some typical DVDs - each one contains any number of burned programs:

    Music Beatles - an example of a specific band of interest requiring it's own set of DVDs
    Music Miscellaneous - containing a variety of bands and song titles that they performed usually on late night talk shows
    Comedy - specials and documentaries, various artists
    Titanic - documentaries - an example of a specific interest that requires its own set of DVDs
    Best Ads - favourite commercials, here we have company and topic and 50 or 60 titles on one DVD
    Sunday Morning - I like this TV show and save segments here and there, a very wide range of topics
    Miscellaneous - anything that doesn't fit in any other topic, like a panel discussion on a news show

    I would like to enter this information in Data Crow broken down like this:

    DVD title and year or number - program title - topic - details if necessary like song title(s) if it's a live performance

    As you can see there are all kinds of one to one and one to many relationships to consider here.

    Any suggestions about how to go about how to enter these would be greatly appreciated.


  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    Hi Charles,

    What about using the tag field to enter the interests/topics quickly? Tags are reused per item, making it suitable for your purpose (I think). Otherwise a shared multiple reference field would work as well.


  • charles

    charles - 2014-02-16

    Thanks Robert. Tags won't work because there's too much unrelated information. Reference fields won't work because the information varies with every entry - so it can't be a predetermined dropdown list.

    I believe I need a parent/child structure like this:

    DVD Module contains the list of each physical DVD
    - Each DVD contains several Program Titles
    - - Each Program Title contains its own details which can include
    - - - several items like song title, or topics

    I tried setting up a parenty/child structure like this:

    DVDs Burned Module - Parent - (Fields: Disc Title, DVD Program Module)
    - DVD Program - child of above - (Fields: Program Title, DVD Program Details Module)
    - - DVD Program Details - child of above - (Fields: Topic, Details, Company, Atist)

    I used Relate Module which adds a DVD Program tab to DVDs Burned but how do I link the data? There is no create field option to create a field which contains another module.



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