Can you give a quick overview of the Web Application and Web Server?

  • charles

    charles - 2013-08-10

    I've looked through the Help file and online posts and all I can find are very specific instructions on how to configure the Web Server but nothing about what it is an how to actually use it. I presume from the questions that its purpose is to put the database on a web server. But what is the "web interface"? Presumably you still have to run Data Crow from the desktop?

    And can you set this up with FTP - does this imply you have to use SSH "using the -webserver command"?

    Sorry it all seems very sketchy. An update to Help about the usage of this would be helpful.


  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    Hi Charles,

    The web server is intgrated into the Data Crow application. The plus side of this is is that you do not require a separate web server, you can start the Data Crow web server from the command line (on the server). The down side is obviously that You can't deploy it on existing web server of your choice. The web interface is the web GUI, the actual HTML pages. So let's say you have a hosted environment, not unlike is being hosted through AS Hosting. Does this allow me to run Data Crow as a hosted web application from there? Yes, but, you would have to ask the provider whether they support Java and also whether they allow other web services to be installed (Data Crow has an integrated Jetty web server).

    Note that development has been planned of a completely new web server / web application for Data Crow. This version will allow you to deploy it on existign web servers (not all of them, that will depend on the language I will choose to write the web application in).

    Hope this helps a little,


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