No title update when using import movie tool

  • FeeDBacK

    FeeDBacK - 2011-08-20


    I am having a problem using the import film tool
    I select a file on my hard drive, add a list of word to ignore in the file name and launch a online search.
    So far so good.
    The movie is found.

    But although I have check the overwrite title option (as many other such as country, actors, director …) when done, the title remains the file name (without ignoring the word list) and not the title found online.

    For the record, if I run a manual  update of the movie, cleaning the title manually, the title is update with the one found online (e.g. title (year) ).

    I think I have found something in the data_crow.log file:

    INFO  ( - Recherche en ligne pour empire records
    INFO  ( - Concordance trouvee pour 'empire records'. objet 'empire records' mis a jour.
    ERROR  ( - An error occured while running the query
    java.sql.SQLException: Violation of unique index MOVIE_EXTERNALREFERENCE_IDX: duplicate value(s) for column(s) EXTERNALID,EXTERNALIDTYPE in statement [INSERT INTO movie_externalreference (Created, externalid, ID, Modified, Name, externalidtype)
    VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?);]
    at org.hsqldb.jdbc.Util.throwError(Unknown Source)
    at org.hsqldb.jdbc.jdbcPreparedStatement.execute(Unknown Source)
    at net.datacrow.core.objects.DcObject.saveNew(
    at net.datacrow.core.db.Query.createReferences(
    at Source)

    But I don't know what to do with it

    Can someone help me out with this error ?

    Or at least find a way to use the mass import movie tool with the online title renaming ?


  • Robert Jan van der Waals


    So, just to be sure, you have used the movie file import utility to import a movie file. While doing the import of the movie it is inidcated the movie has been found but the title of the movie remains the filename of the movie, right? Are any of the other fields updated at this stage?

    When you then do any kind of other update on the already saved movie the title gets updated (also by the mass update utility?).

    Can you check on the "Online Update" tab of the Movie File Import utility whether the title is included in the "values to retrieve" section. To many settings.. I know.. :-) It might just be that one that is not being set to include the title.



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