Table view - doesn't appear to work

  • cmebd

    cmebd - 2013-04-05

    I am an absolute newbie and an end user (not a programmer) and probably need a little more hand holding than most on here.

    The "Table View" does not appear to work on my installation (WinXP SP3) - I just get a flicker of something that looks like it is trying to open and then just a view of the main screen.

    Do I need to understand something further??

    What I would like to do = to gain experience is use the created module(s) and find out how things work - initally I would like to, say, change the name of the fields.

    If there is a detailed "for dummies" typ help file to follow I would most appreciate someones help on where to find it.


  • Robert Jan van der Waals


    Sorry for my late reply! I assume it is still not working?
    Could you give a bit more details;
    - In which module are you working (Software, Books or ?)
    - Does the card view work or does it have the same issue?

    Hope you are still hanging in there,


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