Open PDF does not work [KDE / okular]

  • Anonymous - 2012-08-27

    Hallo Community!

    I am a new DC user and try to replace calibre as DC offers a few additional features and as well the UI is more pleasant. However I like the way calibre transfers data intto an own (specific) directory, so it is easy to see what is already in the database, and wonder if there is a similar function within DataCrow. But here my main concern:

    I just added a single pdf file to DataCrow…

    Marking the entry and pressing <Strg>+P or context <open file> in fact opens the default PDF viewer "okular" but with the error:

    /opt/DataCrow/'/home/zzz_servers/thot01/x_datatbase/DataCrow/XYZ.pdf' can not be opened. (kann nicht geöffnet werden.)

    I have all rights necessary to open the file from the file-manager (dolphin) and by clicking it opens in dolphin without error. In setup - extensions i added pdf and /usr/bin/okular to open it with okular.

    Does anybody has a tipp why it does not open?

    Thank you.


  • Anonymous - 2012-08-27

    Opening a mov file I recognized that the link points to 'file:///opt/DataCrow/… and it opens a separate file for each part after a space…


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