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data directory as relative path

  • Norbert

    Norbert - 2013-01-23


    I tried to update from 3.9.14 to 3.9.18. Now I am asked for a data directory. That is ok, but I need it as a relative path, because I'm installing Data Crow just as directory from the unzipped zipfile and use that across 3 different Windows machines. I tried to give just "data" or ".\data" as path, but it always puts an absolute path in front of it. That does not work for me, because on the different machines the drive letter is different and on one machines also the path to the directory. How can I give a relative path to the data directory?

    Thanks in advance

  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    This was implemented with version 3.9.19.

    Cheers, Robert


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