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Can't get Item Import Wizard to work

  • charles

    charles - 2012-12-19

    I've tried every variation of this I can think of.  With CSV I only get the option of selecting 1 field whether my data is in one column (as the Help says) or multiple columns, or rows.  Everything imports into one field separated by columns. If I have several rows of data how does it know where a new item starts?  I also tried the XML import - it did the same thing - imported everything into 1 field including the XML tag at the top of the page.  No option to select different fields for each comma delimited entry.


  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    Could you send me your file to support @ I will take a look and fix if necessary.


  • charles

    charles - 2013-01-18

    Just to let you know I did email you with an attachement.


  • charles

    charles - 2013-01-28

    I finally figured this out myself. Your example in the program is confusing because you have the word "TAB" spelled out in the "value separator" field of the Import Wizard - so I presumed you had to put in "comma" but that won't work (obviously) it has to be the actual symbol like this "," (no quotes). There should be a dropdown of options there and the default for this field should be , since that is the delimiter for CSV files created in Excel which is probably the most commonly used data program that anyone would be importing from. I have no idea how you would actually enter a tab since the tab key does nothing in a from field.


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