Loan Status Saving Issues

  • Ryan

    Ryan - 2008-09-08

    I have installed this application on one of the computers in my wife's classroom.  She is running 3.3, with a database that was upgraded from a previous version.  When she tried to loan a book to a user, the loan is never saved.  She selects the user and start date, then clicks the loan button (the information bar at the top says that the book is loaned to that user), but when she exits that window and goes back in, the book is still available.

    Is there some sort of rights that I need to have her check on that machine (Windows rights)?  She is logging in as a student, which might have reduced rights to the system.

    Love the application.


    • Robert Jan van der Waals

      Sadly this s a bug which will be fixed by a patch delivery.

      Sorry for the inconvenience,
      Robert Jan

    • Robert Jan van der Waals

      This has been fixed by the delivery of patch

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I just downloaded the program (including the patch) and am still having the same issue (ie: a loan is not being saved).

      2 questions:

      1) How can I tell if the patch was properly installed?
      2) Is there a report that prints out all the items that are out on loan?

      I would love to use this system for a classroom library but am having trouble getting started!


      • Robert Jan van der Waals

        Hi there,

        It really should work now (at least it works for me, but that is of course no garantee.. ;) )
        Could specify more clearly what you mean by the loan is not saved?
        When you lend the item to a person does it appear as unavailable? (re-open the loan form, what does the description text read?).

        You can create a filter which looks for unavailable items (see the help for more information).

        Robert Jan


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