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Fred Wang
  • Fred Wang

    Fred Wang - 2008-11-08


    I am interested in having two more Movies modules (the same as the Movies module)
    so that i can divide further into Non-Fiction and TV Series

    I copied the Movies .jar file and renamed it - however it was not recognized on start-up

    Is there any way i can achieve this other than slowly creating all the fields using the Create Module wizard?



    • Robert Jan van der Waals


      Yes you can copy a module jar file. However, you still need to edit the xml contained within this file. The index, the module name and the table name need to be unique. I suggest naming the module movie2, table name "movie2" and index "10".

      Kind regards,
      Robert Jan

    • Fred Wang

      Fred Wang - 2008-11-09

      i again,

      and thanks for your help

      i am unfamiliar with Java

      i have unzipped the jar movie file and can locate:


      are you saying that i change the '51' to '10' or is something else needed


      change 'movie' to 'movie2' ??

      and change the file/module name to movie2.jar ??

      am i on the right trac?




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