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Designing custom module with related modules

  • appy

    appy - 2011-12-23

    Having tried to find a replacement for Quicken Inventory on Linux I came across Data Crow. So far I've been quite successful in creating a Home Inventory module but as I expand the module to include related modules / entities I think I'm hitting some design constraints. Specifically, whether to relate modules in a parent child relationship or through a multiple reference field.

    Basically I have an inventory item that I'd like to relate to documents (instructions, receipts) and photos of the item. With the two approaches I see different constraints:

    1) Reference Fields - The referenced items (documents, photos) are available for relating to different items (i.e. many to many) which is useful for example if a receipt lists different inventory items. However, I can't see how to include attributes (e.g. photo) of a referenced item on a report.

    2) Parent / Child relationship - Child items can only be associated with a single parent. There seems to be a constraint that only one child module can be related to a parent module. Is this correct? Reporting with child items is straight forward (as per Album CD module).

    Have I understood the constraints correctly? Data Crow is an excellent tool and I can live with the constraints but of course if the flexibility is there that's even better.

  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    1) Take a look at the dictionary.txt file located in the Reports directory
    2) Correct

    Cheers, Robert


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