3.97 Save operation hangs in Book module

  • Richard Trumbore

    Ver 3.97 clean install on Windows 7

    Can't "Save" changes to an existing book's Summary info.
    (1) Made change to a summary field
    (2) pressed "Save" button
    (3) "Save" button remains selected (highlighted), operation never completes.
    (4) Press "Close" button.
    (5) Receive msg:  "There are unsaved changes.  Do you want to save now?"
    (6) pressed "Yes" button
    (7) returned to Summary window and "Close" button is highlighted
    (8) press "Close" button and again receive msg: "There are unsaved changes.  Do you want to save now?"

    Same behavior when saving results after new books are imported.  Had to abort DataCrow.  Re-ran DataCrow and found that books had been save.  Import consisted of 100 books.

    How do I create log file to send to you?

  • Richard Trumbore

    I paused indexing service and Data Crow took off.  FYI:  Goto Control Panel; Indexing Options; click pause button.  Good for 10 minutes then resumes.

  • Richard Trumbore

    The books in selected directory were successfully imported and are listed in the New Books tab.  However, if I select a book and click the Save button I get the following message:  "Please wait for the previous action to be finished (or cancel the current actions)."  The processes "javaw.exe" and "datacrow.exe are not consuming any cpu nor do I see and disk activity.  Windows Task Manager indicates that DataCrow is still running.

    DataCrow's Event Log is periodically reposts the msg "Memory usage (max 248 MB) (available 0 MB)"

    Is DataCrow waiting on memory?  There is plenty of system memory available.


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