Richard - 2011-11-30

On trying to install Datacrow I get up to the point where I can select my installation path, and then clicking on "browse" brings me to the folder selection window - but the window is black. Hovering over the (hidden) buttons/icons brings them up briefly, but otherwise remains black.
Similar thing occurs with my previously installed version. The main Datacrow window comes up, but when trying to add items etc., the appropriate window comes up, displays correctly briefly, then goes black.

I have 3.9.9 installed and am trying to install 3.9.10. I've updated my display drivers to the latest (running an msi radeon hd4850).  I've updated to most recent Java runtime version Version 6 Update 29.

Running Win 7 64 bit on an i5 750 system.

I've not seen this problem in any other applications.