What appears in Description?

  • charles

    charles - 2012-12-19

    Thanks Robert for your previous answer (on another post but I thought I'd make this a separate topic).  But your solution to check General Field Settings Description items doesn't work for me.  I created a Posters module with Title, Width, Height, Version, and Picture. What l get in description is this example:

    Title,Coming Next Year, 24, 70

    Created 2012-12-19
    External References PDCR: 70
    ID 366beb65-b3e1-4652-ba4b-8bd8f0ee6117
    Modified 2012-12-19

    It seems that it has put all my fields in the Title of the Description area, separated by commas.  The other fields (Created, etc.) do not have check marks in the description column.  Also your shortcut Ctrl-T doesn't work.

    I still can't find anything that controls what is visible in this window.  How does it import an image?  For example if you download a CD it places an image of the CD cover and a review of the CD in "Description" - I would like to control this and illiminate the review and just use the image and maybe track information.  For posters I'd like to have an image of the poster with the poster's info on separate lines with their field names, not separated by commas in one bold line at the top.


  • Robert Jan van der Waals

    The titel for:

    Title,Coming Next Year, 24, 70

    is based on the 'Is Descriptive' setting in the General Field Settings. These fields are used to 'describe'the items. So if multiple fields are check to be descriptive as per your example they will all be shown as the "main title", seperated by commas. There is no setting to change this other than changing the ïs descriptive" setting in the field settings of your module.

    To modify what is shown in the Quick View, right click and select "Quick View Settings". There is a general option to either shown images in seperate tabs or in line in the text. For each field you cna indicate if it should be shown in the Quick View, which order and whether the label should be on top or on the left.

    Hope this helps..

  • charles

    charles - 2013-03-30

    Update - I've spent quite a long time trying to work with this and it seems very buggy to me. I can never get rid of the ID number as a title in description and there is duplication in the various settings panels. I think the settings modules need to be simplified. Having more than one settings panel affect the same content is confusing and probably causing conflicts. There are lots of check boxes in them for irrelevant fields (for my purposes) and some of these have no effect on what is displayed.

    Great program, I'd love to use it but I can't get it to configure my simple test "Posters" module properly.



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