CryoGen - 2012-03-13

I'm new to Data Crow. Running on Win 7 x64. I imported a list of my software titles from a .txt file. The file had 2 fields in it, Title and Disc. Disc is an identifier so I know what disc a particular title is on. It contains values of the form 'Disc001'. When I ran the file import I told Data Crow to put the value of Disc in User Short Text Field 1. I want User Short Text Field 1 to show up when I browse the list. I can't figure out how to do that.

I went to Settings then General Field Settings. I set Enabled, Required, and Key for User Short Text Field 1. I did not see it when I click on an item in my list. I opened those settings again and changed the name of the field to Disc. It still did not show up.

I then went to Alter Module, selected Software, and tried to add a new field. I was able to add the field Disc, it showed up, but it was blank. Was I supposed to add Disc before the import?