I'm trying to import my database from GCSTAR and having a few issues.

For the actors, the field from GCSTAR is Cast. The way it is presented in the CSV file is ;actor_firstname actor_lastname (role_firstname role_lastname) , actor_firstname actor_lastname (role_firstname role_lastname);

In the example above the ';' is used as the delimiter for the CSV file. Within the Cast field, multiple entries are delimited by a ',' - also the role of the actor is delimited within a set of parenthesis ().

I'm assuming that DataCrow has no way to handle the field within the parenthesis to assign it to a role name... if that is true then I will just write a quick script to strip that all out before the import.

Another question related to multiple entries within a field separated by commas. Is the program recognizing spaces or stripping them out. It is appearing that first last , first last , first last would be handled differently than first last,first last,first last. I need to understand that behavior so I can modify the CSV as required. This also applies to multiple entries for Genre and Country.

I'm also noticing however that if I just have a firstname of an actor that it is getting combined into other actor records. For example, if I have multiple videos with an actor named Russell, and then other videos with an actor named Russell Crowe the program is assuming that all the actors with a name of Russell are actually Russell Crowe and then labels the movies as such. Is there a way to stop this behavior?

The same type of thing is happening with Genre. It appears if I have multiple Genres then the order affects the number of entries stored in the database. For example, if I have three videos with Genres as follows "SciFi , Drama , Action" - "Drama , SciFi , Action" - "Action , Drama , SciFi" I'm getting three records for each in the database.

Same thing is happening for Country.