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DataCleaner 3 released

Dear friends, users, customers, developers, analysts, partners and more!

After an intense period of development and a long wait, it is our pleasure to finally announce that DataCleaner 3 is available. We at Human Inference invite you all to our celebration! Impatient to try it out? Go download it right now!

So what is all the fuzz about? Well, in all modesty, we think that with DataCleaner 3 we are redefining 'the premier open source data quality solution'. With DataCleaner 3 we've embraced a whole new functional area of data quality, namely data monitoring.... read more

Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2012-09-20

Easy as DataCleaner 2.4!

Merry christmas! Today we announce the release of DataCleaner 2.4, which marks a huge joint effort by the community and the team at Human Inference to bring together the best ideas of both open source and cloud-based Data Quality.

Please go to for all the details!

Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2011-12-14

DataCleaner 1.5.4 released

Check out the new version of DataCleaner - version 1.5.4.

This new release adds support for dBase and MS Access databases! It also includes fixes for a variety of minor bugs and updated libraries.

Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2010-05-15

DataCleaner 1.5.1 released

We're happy to announce the release of DataCleaner version 1.5.1. This release is a minor release, nevertheless containing a few nice features - especially for the users who are enjoying the exporting features that was introduced in 1.5:

* An additional HTML export format have been added to the built-in export formats (usable when exporting Profiler results in the desktop app and when executing the runjob command-line tool).
* The export format is now choosable directly in the desktop app.
* Four new measures where added to the String Analysis profile: avg. chars and max/min/avg white spaces. ... [read more](/p/datacleaner/news/2009/04/datacleaner-151-released/)
Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2009-04-20

DataCleaner 1.5 released!

"Finally!" one might say. And this is definately what is going through my head right as I write this news-item. Finally, DataCleaner 1.5 has been released! Once again the effort to bring about the best open source data quality solution is bearing fruit.

The new release is definately one of the most significant ones in the history of DataCleaner. The overall goal of the release has been to step up from the shadows of the "small tools" pool and mark DataCleaner as an enterprise-ready application for profiling and validating datastores of all kinds - both in scheduled mode, on servers and in an intuitive desktop environment.... read more

Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2009-03-15

Another release candidate (2) of DataCleaner 1.5 ready

Another batch of updates, fixes and improvements for the upcoming DataCleaner release is ready. This time it's Release Candidate 2 offering a preview of what's to come in DataCleaner 1.5.

The main changes since Release Candidate 1 are multithreaded execution, the command line interface ( / runjob.cmd), some UI updates and a few bugfixes. Go download the release candidate and use it as an opportunity to influence the development process by posting your comments on the DataCleaner forum.... read more

Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2009-01-22

DataCleaner 1.5 "snapshot" released

As we're moving steadily along towards the release of DataCleaner 1.5 we are fixing a few bugs and enhancing a lot of features. This leads to the desire to release our work since practically nothing has undergone changes that could destabilize the application since the 1.4 release. So today we're releasing DataCleaner 1.5 "snapshot". This also marks the first release under our new LGPL license.... read more

Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2008-10-13

Eobjects announces change in preferred license

We've made a principal decision at to change the preferred license of our projects from the Apache License 2.0 to the Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

The main difference between the two licenses are that the LGPL requires any modifications to be contributed back to the Open Source community (ie. licensed under a similar license; LGPL or GPL). The projects are gaining the obvious advantages of the LGPL by ensuring that improvements are submitted back to the projects. This also means that we don't risk that anyone sell modified versions of our projects. It is still just as appropriate to use the projects as a part of commercial applications, but any modifications must be contributed back to the community.... read more

Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2008-10-07

DataCleaner 1.4 released!

I'm please to announce the release of DataCleaner 1.4! This is a release that we feel will satisfy a lot of users with improvements and fixes for a lot of issues. Here's a very short compilation of changes, for more details, take a look at the roadmap.

  • Replaced "Repeated values" profile with better and more advanced "Value distribution" profile.
  • Dictionary matcher drill-to-details options.
  • New application logo.
  • Lots of small bugfixes and UI beautifications.
  • Lots of sample dictionaries and regexes. ... read more
Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2008-09-22

New website

We've happy to announce that we've launched our new website! Go check it out and leave a comment on the discussion forum.

Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2008-08-27

Development/snapshot release of DataCleaner 1.4

We've been working hard lately on a lot of cool improvements for DataCleaner so here's a little snapshot release of the development. Enjoy DataCleaner 1.4 (development) release.

Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2008-08-24

DataCleaner 1.2 is out!

Finally one might say! :) We're proud to release DataCleaner 1.2 which is a major feature and UI enhancement release. Some of the cool new features of DataCleaner includes:

  • You can now drill to details in profiling results, so if you want to know which rows yield which profile results it is now possible to explore the results!
  • There are now catalogs of regexes and dictionaries that can be reused in various settings; categorization of values based on dictionaries, validation based on regexes etc.
  • Better compatibility for various datastores including CSV, Excel, OpenOffice databases, JDBC databases (MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle, HSQLDB, FirebirdSQL and more...)
  • Comparison of datastores to get an overview of synchronized datastores.... read more
Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2008-06-24

New development release

There's a new development release online, for those of you who are impatient with getting DataCleaner 1.1 to know :)

Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2008-05-15

DataCleaner 1.0 is out!

We're proud to present the first official release of DataCleaner. This release contains a suite of profiling and validation rules that will help you get an easily readable data quality overview. Go download the best Open Source data quality solution out there for free!

Check out our website,, for more info.

Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2008-04-14

Version 0.2 of DataCleaner-gui

I've just updated subversion with the latest version, 0.2, of
DataCleaner-gui which has substantial differences from 0.1:

Posted by Kasper Sorensen 2008-02-14

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