Darwine under full steam!

Use Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) to run Windows applications on Darwin and Mac OS X. Where to begin with news? This project has been quietly moving along for more than a year now and so a lot has happened. The biggest efforts have been by Pierre d'Herbemont and Sanjay Connare who have succesfully ported WINE to Mac OS X including a couple applications (what folks won't do to run Winmine!) and a binary package with installer.

The web site has been recently redesigned. The original site and logo were contributed by Jens Rach. The new work is by Paul d'Herbemont, Oliver Clements, and Fjolnir Asgeirsson. Sanjay also created the new logo.

We were Slashdotted recently and there has been a big increase in activity on the mailing list with new folks diving in to begin working with WINE on Mac OS X.

One thing that should be made perfectly clear at this point what is working (a bit slowly and with significant bugs) is Winelib. That enables suitable WIN32 applications to be compiled and run under Mac OS X with X11. Work on incorporating X86 emulation is in the investigation phase.

Given that WINE does build and run under Mac OS X now, what would be really cool is if someone who works with Darwin/X86 would try it out and see if they can get an X86 .EXE to work.

With so much new activity I expect to be reporting news much more often. Stay tuned, or even better, get some code and chase some bugs!

Jim White

Posted by Jim White 2004-02-11

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