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DarwiinRemote / News: Recent posts

Version 0.7 Released

I've finally stamped a version 0.7 release. This version adds support for the Classic Controller. All the buttons should be mappable just like the Wiimote and Nunchuk.

The framework already supported these things, so there is no change there.

Posted by Jasen Jacobsen 2008-03-28

Version 0.6 Released

This version has a very updated user interface.
The Wiimote and Nunchuk joystick are represented by Quartz Composer views.
The log and expansion port are now in slide out drawers.
There is a window that shows the IR sources being tracked and reports the IR report values.
You can now sync with the Wiimote on demand. This helps to overcome the problem with the connection being dropped.

Unfortunately, Classic Controller support has been removed from this version - only DarwiinRemote, not the framework. When a Quartz Composer view is done, it will be added back in.

Posted by Jasen Jacobsen 2007-12-01

Version 0.6 Pending.

Version 0.6 is almost ready for release. The changes are in the trunk. Would a few brave souls please download, compile, and test the new code so that it can be declared good to go?

Posted by Jasen Jacobsen 2007-11-21

Reviving DarwiinRemote!

I've been made an admin for this project. I hope to get development going again soon. If you are interested in helping out, please let me know.

Posted by Jasen Jacobsen 2007-11-05

WiiRemoteFramework 0.5 has been released!

0.5 (2007.3.8)

This version is mainly maintained by Jasen Jacobsen. Thanks a lot!!

o New Features:
- supports Expansion Port (Nunchuk, Classic Controller)
- implements some useful methods
- (IOReturn)requestUpdates;
- (void) rawIRData: (IRData[4])irData wiiRemote(WiiRemote*)wiiRemote;
- (void) analogButtonChanged:(WiiButtonType)type amount:(unsigned)press wiiRemote(WiiRemote*)wiiRemote;... read more

Posted by Hiroaki 2007-03-08

DarwiinRemote 0.5 has been released!

0.5 (2007.3.8)

o New Features:
- supports Classic Controller
o Bug Fixes:
- #1623337 PPC bugs (WiiRemote framework have fixed this bug)
- #1622395 IR mouse was not work with Nunchuk (WiiRemote framework have fixed this bug)

Posted by Hiroaki 2007-03-08

DarwiinRemote 0.4 has been released!

0.4 (2006.12.26)

o New Features:
- supports Nunchuk
- supports manual key mappings
- supports mouse sensitivity
- supports motion sensor auto calibration

o Changes:
- add Nunchuk motion sensor graph view
- move manual calibration buttons into preferences panel
- add mouse mode popup button

Posted by Hiroaki 2006-12-25

WiiRemoteFramework 0.4 has been released

0.4 (2006.12.26)

o New Features:
- supports Expansion Port (Nunchuk only)
but... now this framework believe the attached device is Nunchuk
- posts notification when Expansion port is plugged and unplugged
name is "WiiRemoteExpansionPortChangedNotification"
- posts notification when battery is low
name is "WiiRemoteBatteryLowNotification"
- can retrieve Calibration data
- (WiiJoyStickCalibData)joyStickCalibData:(WiiJoyStickType)type;
- (WiiAccCalibData)accCalibData:(WiiAccelerationSensorType)type;... read more

Posted by Hiroaki 2006-12-25

WiiRemoteFramework 0.3.1 is released

0.3.1 (2006.12.13)

o First release!
This framework is devided from

Posted by Hiroaki 2006-12-13

DarwiinRemote 0.3.1 is released!

0.3.1 (2006.12.13)

o New Features:
- supports battery status

o Bug Fix:
- #1612959 Keyboard stops working when Mouse Mode is on
replace old CGPostEvent functions to new ApplicationSupport API
- #1614587 IR/Force Feedback Bug
- When Pluging/Unpluging Extension Port, Wiimote status go back to initial state
- Bluetooth discovery is now more stabled

o Others
- DarwiinRemote has been divided into 2 pieces, App and Framework.
now you can use WiiRemote Framework in your projects independently.

Posted by Hiroaki 2006-12-13

DarwiinRemote 0.3 is released!

o New Features:
- based on Ian's code, supports IR sensor detection
Thanks Ian!
- supports Motion sensors calibration

o Changes:
- key mapping
Wii Remote Key mapping
Up Up
Down Down
Left Left
Right Right
A Left-Click
B Return (Play/Pause in FrontRow)
Minus Command + Left (Volume Down in FrontRow)
Home Command + ESC (Enter FrontRow and "Menu" button)
Plus Command + Right (Volume Up in FrontRow)
One Mouse Mode On/Off (using Motion Sensors)
Two Mouse Mode On/Off (using IR sensor)... read more

Posted by Hiroaki 2006-12-09

DarwiinRemote has been hosted on!

DarwiinRemote has been hosted on
Though I'm a newbie user, please come and join our project!

Posted by Hiroaki 2006-12-07