Wiipot - demo app for the wiimote.

  • Jasen Jacobsen

    Jasen Jacobsen - 2006-12-20

    Using Quartz Composer and the Wiimote.framework I whipeed up a little demo app.
    You get to control a teapot!  Wow.

    The D-pad, A, -, home, and + buttons do things.


    - Jasen.

    P.S. Now that GlovePie figured out the nunchuk, time to incorporate it into Darwiin!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i've got a powerbook 15" an i can't get this teapot thing to work ^^
      maybe it's not for PPC? ... oh, i'm a god damn noob :P

    • Jasen Jacobsen

      Jasen Jacobsen - 2006-12-21

      "can't get this teapot thing to work" meaning it won't start?  Or the window appears but you can't figure out what to do after that?

      When the app opens, you should see the main window - with the teapot.  You should be able to use the dial controls and the sliders to mess with the teapot.

      Push the "Sync with Wiimote" button and put your Wiimote into sync mode (push "1" and "2", the LEDs will blink),  after a few seconds the spinner should go away and one LED on the Wiimote should stay lit.  Now you can use the D-pad and "+", "-", "home" keys to mess with the teapot.  If it won't sync (I've seen this happen) go into your Bluetooth preferences and delete any "Nintendo" entries, then try again.

      I've run the program on a Mac mini (PPC), MacBook Pro (Intel), and my iMac (Intel), all with OS X 10.4.x and XCode installed.  Maybe it doesn't work with older versions of the OS, or you need XCode?

      Thanks for the feedback.  Please let me know how far you get so I can try to figure out where the problem is.

      - Jasen.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      On my powerbook, (with xcode and latest version of OS) it opens and then closes if you double click on it.  So I can't get to any later stage.

    • Jasen Jacobsen

      Jasen Jacobsen - 2006-12-21

      Hmm... Can you get DarwiinRemote to work?  I'm wondering if you have the Wiimote.framework installed. (Grasping for straws.)

      - Jasen.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have the exact same problem on my Intel Macbook.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      seems as though the application may have forgotten to copy the framework into the application's bundle in a copy files xcode build phase. it crashes on quit and the console says the following:
        dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/WiiRemote.framework/Versions/A/WiiRemote

      sure enough, poking into the application bundle, there isn't a Frameworks directory...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      yeah, if i do a release build of the framework from subversion, create the directory 'Frameworks' in the application bundle and copy  the build version into the newly created Frameworks directory - all is well.

      Jasen, you might want to add a copy files build phase to your xcode project and have it properly install the framework into the application bundle. you can even make your project dependent on the framework project...

      • Jasen Jacobsen

        Jasen Jacobsen - 2007-01-05

        Thanks for taking the time to debug my busted junk.  This is the first OS X app I've written, so I'm not surprised that I messed something up.  I thought the Wiimote framework would be picked up from /Library/Frameworks/Wiimote.framework - where I assumed people would have it installed.

        I'm not sure if you're saying that even if the Wiimote.framework is installed in /Library/Frameworks the app doesn't work, or if you're just suggesting that I include Wiimote.framework in the app.

        - Jasen.

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          you could do either really - i didn't have the framework 'installed' and when i launched the application, it crashed on launch indicating that it was looking for the framework inside the application. if the framework needs to be installed first no big deal, but i thought the application was packaging the framework itself.

          either way, after installing the framework i launched the app and i can't quite figure out how to get my wiimote to work with it. i sync'ed with the wiimote, the wiimote picked a channel and i hit the track motion sensors button but still, nothing happened. any ideas?

    • Jasen Jacobsen

      Jasen Jacobsen - 2007-01-07

      New version uploaded.  Same URL (http://members.cox.net/jasenj1/wiimote/Wiipot.zip).  Updated to Wiimote.framework 0.4 and the framework is now included in the app.

      How to use:

      When the app starts, push the "Sync with Wiimote" button and then put your Wiimote in discovery mode (push "1" and "2").  In a second or two, the app and Wiimote should sync up and LED 1 on the Wiimote should light and the spinner on the app should stop.

      Now walk through the three calibration buttons.  Hold the Wiimote in the orientation described on the button and push the button.

      Once you've done that, either click the "Track Sensors" button with your mouse or hold down the "A" button.  The teapot should follow the tilt and roll of the Wiimote.  The D-pad changes the colors of the teapot and the background.  The "+", "-" and "Home" keys zoom the view and reset it.  That is all for now.

      I have a few ideas on how to use the other buttons, but would like to get this version working for people first.

      The app doesn't do much, but I think it does show a nice intuitive use of the Wiimote to manipulate something and makes good use of the controls availble on the Wiimote.

      - Jasen.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        lovely, i downloaded your new build and followed your directions and everything worked out. thank you for the demo app, it is really interesting (and encouraging) to interact with a 3D object with an input device that is capable of itself operating in 3D - great way to interact with the wiimote. now, the only thing missing is yaw =)

    • Ian Grant

      Ian Grant - 2007-01-25

      Great this works for me! Very useful. Any chance of distributing the source to demonstrate the bindings to QC, to help learners like me. Thanks.

    • Clint Herron

      Clint Herron - 2007-02-13

      Wonderful demo -- this is almost exactly the app that I was/am planning to write. Great stuff! I would also be interested in the source as it would be helpful for me as I'm learning this stuff.

      Thanks for the great app!


    • feddar

      feddar - 2007-12-31

      Nice demo!

      I too would like the source code if possible.  It would help a lot!

    • Casemon

      Casemon - 2009-01-18

      Is this test app still available? Link is 404.


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