Anonymous - 2008-07-16

I need to use this driver's functionality in a project I am working on, but the project is written in C++ and that's yet another obstacle to overcome. The project is to use the Wii Remote in VMD (a visual molecular dynamics program). We have done this for Linux using a different driver, but now I am trying to do this for a Mac (and then later for Windows ... that'll be fun).

However, not only am I new to macs in general, but i'm new to ObjC. I really need to know what is going on in this code, and I'm having trouble following it. I have a reference book for ObjC, but you know how that is. The code isn't very well commented at all. Is there any documentation that, in general, explains the functionality in a little more detail? If not, can someone take a little time to explain it a little? I would appreciate it a lot.