OS X Lion Error code

  • Mathew

    Mathew - 2011-11-15

    When I try to open "DarwiinRemote" App a error message appears saying:

    The Managed object model version used
    to open the persistent store is
    incompatible with the one the was used
    to create the persistent store.


    Anyone know what I could do to get this running. Properly
    Running OS X 10.7.2 and tried to download the latest build of DarwiinRemote as of Nov 15.

  • Fr. Cory Sticha

    Fr. Cory Sticha - 2011-11-28

    There's a simple fix to this problem: in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DarwiinRemote/ is a file called DarwiinRemote0.7.xml . This file is created automatically by Mac OS X when the program is first run. Delete the file, and rerun DarwiinRemote. You shouldn't receive the error this time, and the file will be recreated.

    • Shuloon

      Shuloon - 2016-01-10

      Hi, I know this is an old topic but i am having the same issue. i cant locate the file that you have mentioned.
      i also read that i should be able to run this in the terminal:
      rm -v {,~}/Library/Application\ Support/DarwiinRemote/DarwiinRemote0.7.xml
      but it states:
      /Library/Application Support/DarwiinRemote/DarwiinRemote0.7.xml: No such file or directory
      i am on a mac 10.11.2 (15C50). anyway you can help me?


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