Automatic Reconnect

  • Nicolas Ward

    Nicolas Ward - 2008-03-19

    I'm guessing that there are very good reasons for the current behavior of the "Find Wiimote" button, but it didn't work well with my setup. I made a small change in my local SVN checkout of the trunk to get it to do what I want, and I'm starting a discussion here to find out if its something that's of general use (or possibly also a colossally stupid change).

    My Mac Pro is in my office, and I have A/V cables running to the projector in my living room for my home theater setup. I've been using DarwiinRemote to access Front Row from my couch, and with a $20 standalone battery-powered Wii sensor bar, I have the IR mouse as well. With the release of 0.6, and the new functionality, I had a problem when watching movies: the Wiimote would go to sleep, and then couldn't reconnect (because my computer in the other room was no longer listening).

    I therefore added the three lines from doDiscovery to happen at application start (they were commented out there, actually), at remote disconnect, and at discovery error, so that it's always listening for a reconnect (since I don't want to go back into my office, bring DarwiinRemote on the non-mirrored monitor, and click a button to get the remote connected again). The only problem is that every 25 seconds, I get a line in my Console about "discovery closed", but I don't really care about that, since the app is only open for the ~2 hour duration of a movie, typically.

    At the moment, I'm totally ignoring the downsides of what I'm doing to the 2.1 GHz spectrum in and around my apartment, to get the convenience of being able to bring the remote back and have it instantly reconnect. So, am I as stupid as I think? Is there a better way to handle the reconnect?

    • Jasen Jacobsen

      Jasen Jacobsen - 2008-03-28

      Sounds interesting.  You don't have problems with Apple's Bluetooth stealing the Wiimote back from you when you use this constant reconnect process?

      I'm guessing that if Bluetooth is turned on on your Mac it is radiating and listening for 2.1 GHz RF.

      - Jasen.


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