Balance Board

  • Alessandro Sabatelli

    Does DarwiinRemote work with the Balance Board?

    • Rick van der Zwet

      As a matter of fact the current trunk version support basic balance board functionality. I am still thinking how to make some kind of 'mapping' as the device aviously does not have any button. So if you could give it a try, I will be more than happy to :-)

    • georg

      georg - 2008-12-20

      I'm trying to work with the Balance Board, using WiiRemote.framework from SVN, but I can't get the board to be discovered: When pressing the board's button while the discovery process is running, the LED just flashes for a split second, but the board is never being discovered properly.

      Any hints?

      • David Phillip Oster

        I find I have to press the red button twice to get the Mac to connect. I've written a version of DarwiinRemote that includes a visualization of the Balance Beam, and I'd like to contribute it back to this project. How do I get code to the maintainers?

    • Murray Elliot

      Murray Elliot - 2009-01-11

      I find pressing the red button once is sufficient. I was hoping to implement a visualisation application too! I hope you can create a new branch in the repository as I'd like to see what you've done!

      This stuff is excellent!

    • Murray Elliot

      Murray Elliot - 2009-01-11
    • David Phillip Oster

      I wish I'd known about that when I was writing my own version, only a few days later. I've put the source code and a screen shot up on the web:


      I've sent this email to the project owner. I'll let him resolve the differences and decide what gets in the trunk.

    • Murray Elliot

      Murray Elliot - 2009-01-11

      Strange - I built your version and it doesn't seem to connect for me, yet the verison I linked to earlier works fine. Hmmm

      • David Phillip Oster

        It almost always connects for me the second time. In the code I posted, you have to press the Find Wiimote button on screen, then the red button on the Balance Beam, get error message, then press the Find Wiimote button again and the red button again.

        Later on, in a different program, I just had it "push itself" after a failure.

        But, you saw the screen shot, so you see how it is supposed to look?

    • Murray Elliot

      Murray Elliot - 2009-01-11

      Yes, it looks good. I might make some modifications to capture data to file for post analysis for use in sports analysis... I'll try your connection method again but I'm sure that's what I was doing.


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