dxjones - 2008-12-27

I am using DarwiinRemote with Processing 1.01 (WiiController, oscP5 library),
and things are working, except for the errors in how the following are calculated:
Roll/Pitch angles for the main Wii Remote are sometime outside +/- 90 degrees,
(and same goes for the Nunchuck Roll/Pitch)
the Nunchuck X/Y values are sometimes outside +/- 1.0

There are clearly errors in how these things are calculated inside the DarwiinRemote code.

For the Roll/Pitch, I can calculate those myself based on the raw acceleration X/Y/Z values, which are in the range 0..255

By the way, I can see the force of gravity (Z) is scaled differently in the WiiRemote vs. Nunchuck, since they use different accelerometer chips.  I think the faulty Roll/Pitch code fails to take this into account.

Also, I think the X/Y Joystick values should be made available as raw 0..255 values, since something is clearly wrong with the normalization calculation that attempts to map it to the range -1.0 ... +1.0

Is anyone working on updating the code to fix bugs like this?

-- dxjones (at) gmail (dot) com