#35 Recording bug on interface


I've been using the record function of the DarwinRemote interface to generate accelerometer graphs for specific gestures. I realized that I was never recording what I originally thought I was.

The interval recorded in the output file is NOT the interval between when you press "Record: Start" (and enter a filename) and press "Record: Stop". The content of the output file is from the interval between the previous time and the current time you press "Record: Start." (The "Stop" button is effectively meaningless.) The very first time you press "Start," the data saved appears to be everything generated between the moment you first connect to the wiimote and the moment you press the button.

For me, this meant the data I was recording - versus the data I thought I was recording - was staggered by one filename: the first data set contained meaningless garbage, the last data set contained what was actually meant to be the second-last set, and the data from my last test went unrecorded.


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