#16 cchan closed after discovery on ppc



By registering on the closeNotification of the cchan channel of the Wiiremote class, I have discovered that the cchan l2cap channel is closed juste after the discovery procedure on PPC hardware (when the deviceInquiryDeviceFound ends). I don't know why this occurs but this is probably why the driver doesn't work well on the ppc hardware. Here is the simple code.

in connectTo after the cchan creation

[cchan registerForChannelCloseNotification:self selector:@selector(cchanClosing:)];

and I have added this method:

- (void)cchanClosing: (id)sender {
NSLog(@"cchan closing");

After that all subsequent sendCommand fails.

I get this result :
2007-01-07 01:37:38.786 DarwiinRemote[3017] dis deviceInquiryDeviceFound: ends
2007-01-07 01:37:39.374 DarwiinRemote[3017] channel closing
2007-01-07 01:38:29.310 DarwiinRemote[3017] setting LEDs on (0056EA80):
2007-01-07 01:38:29.410 DarwiinRemote[3017] Send Error (e00002c0)


  • Lord Manta

    Lord Manta - 2007-01-28

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    Seems too be a MacOS X issue at least on PowerPC. I'm experiencing the same problem on my powerbook G4. And when I switch to Linux CWiid for exemple works perfectly. So it's not an hardware problem. And doesn't seems to be a Darwin Remote issue. Anyone else have been able to take full control of its Wiimote on PowerPC powered mac under MacOS X ?
    Does it mean that bluetooth support is far more better on Linux than on OS X ?
    L2cap channel with PSM 17 (cchan) seems to close without any request shortly after beeing open.


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