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Project Status 7/28/2004

Hello again,

After a great deal of anguished analysis, I have dumped the current beta branch of Dark Portal and begun work on a new version. This sets the project back into alpha mode as I start working on a completely new version. The main problem I had with the last iteration was that code was constantly creeping into the block objects that were stored in the database. I felt this was not a good design practice. Therefore, after reviewing some excellent books on design patterns and development practices, I performed a full redesign of the entire framework of the portal. This was finished in late May, 2004. I am currently developing the newest version of the portal on the PHP 5 platform, and will not support PHP 4 anymore. My reasons for this are two-fold: 1) the PHP 5 platform is more suited to proper OO design. 2) I am toying with the idea of an "Enterprise" level J2EE implementation based on the design document.... read more

Posted by Fred Hirsch 2004-07-28

Project Status 9/17/2003

I haven't formally worked on this project in quite a long time. If you check the "Home Page" link here, you can see a generally working version of the current CMS/Portal system. This portal is running on my home Pentium 133 w/64MB of RAM and generally does quite well on even this limited system.

Right now, I don't have alot of time to work on the code itself. Although it is generally stable, it is missing some key items I would like to have added so far, and some items simply do not work right. My main issue with the codebase right now is that while the core is miles better than most other PHP based CMS systems, it is not 100% on track with where I want it to be. I was hoping PHP5 might be ready for a platform to build this on, as its features would ease the development of the core alot. Unfortunately, this doesn't look like it will happen soon.... read more

Posted by Fred Hirsch 2003-09-17

[DarkPortal] New FAQs Tracker

I have setup a tracker to handle the submission of questions for the DarkPortal FAQ. This will allow users of the portal to submit questions and get fairly quick responses to common problems they may encounter. I will eventually make this a fully interactive addon to the DarkPortal site once the main software is fully developed.

Posted by Fred Hirsch 2001-04-28

[DarkPortal] Release: v0.1.7alpha

This release begins serious work on adding content and functionality to the application. I've begun work adding the administrative functions to allow creation of content blocks, elements and themes. Zone creation will soon follow. Once core admin functionality is finished, DarkPortal will be very close to release as a beta product, though installation and API validation systems must be developed before serious plugin work can begin.... read more

Posted by Fred Hirsch 2001-04-27

[DarkPortal] Release: Template Recode

In the latest alpha release, I have completely rewritten the template code. While it still needs some tweaks and possible additions, this new template code better follows my original vision of a dynamic zone/block builder for a portal site. I've also completed the coding of a new template module type, the element. Elements are small blocks of dynamic data which can be built from data within the Interface classes. Examples of the various template modules will be fully documented in later releases.... read more

Posted by Fred Hirsch 2001-03-30

[DarkPortal] Initial Release

An initial code only release of Dark Portal has been made. This release is meant to help me learn the SourceForge CVS, release system and also provide a CVS base for future releases. This code release actually works, but contains no database functionality, as the database schema is currently being reworked. Future alpha versions will contain at minimum, a MySQL creation schema.

Posted by Fred Hirsch 2001-03-23

Initial Project Announcement

DarkPortal is a project founded to create a web portal system similar in scope to projects similar to PHPNuke and PHPJ00K. DarkPortal is based on the user interface style of PHPNuke, using a new modular core as a base for adding pluggable modules to facilitate content creation and management.

Our primary goals in this project are to provide .. 1) Full separation of content from code .. 2) Fully modular portal plugins with standardized API's .. 3) Portability and database abstraction .. 4) User level theme selection and plugin module selection .. 5) Modular user/group hierarchy with multiple levels of moderative and admin capabilities.... read more

Posted by Fred Hirsch 2001-02-21