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New version 2.3

Two new updates:

  • New option in Export Window for automatic deletion of temporary files (E, E_ORG, 3DS)
  • Bug fix for renaming graphic file extensions (PNG->GIF and JPG->PCX)
Posted by Elendir 2012-12-08

New version 2.2

Lists of changes in 2.2

  • File exception handling has been improved

NOTE! This time there's no need to delete config file. You just have to overwrite existing python scripts and reactivate the Addon in User Preferences window. Enjoy!

Posted by Elendir 2012-11-18

New Version 2.1

Lists of changes in 2.1

  • BSP Optimization now ranges from 0 up to 3
  • JPG and PNG renaming is now turned off by default
  • New option of centering the object near its centroid. Very useful if an object is not
    located near the 0,0,0 coordinates in Blender.

If you use version 2.0 you must delete your current config file (dark_exporter_conf.txt). The new version will create this file from scratch with default content. Remember to customize the paths after the file has been rebuilt.

Posted by Elendir 2012-11-16

New version 0.1.8

Blender 2.60 (which has just been released yesterday) introduced a little change in API, which I had to take into account. Version 0.1.8 is exactly the same from the user point of view as version 0.1.7. Version 0.1.8 can also be used with previous versions of Blender (2.5x).

Posted by Elendir 2011-10-20

0.1.7 - something new

In 0.1.7 I added an extra plugin that should speed up the GIF -> PNG convertion. Read the dev blog for all the details!

Posted by Elendir 2011-08-25

0.1.6 ready!

You can download the latest version 0.1.6. More info on the dev blog.

Posted by Elendir 2011-08-08

0.1.5 Documentation is ready!

I've updated the official docs for Dark Exporter 0.1.5.

Posted by Elendir 2011-08-04

0.1.5 ready for download!

This time Dark Exporter makes the modeler life a bit easier. From now on you only need to change Object Names - the script will automatically copy that name to Object Data Name.

Posted by Elendir 2011-08-02

0.1.4 is ready!

Dark Exporter became more friendly and doesn't require VHOTs and axles to have materials.

Posted by Elendir 2011-08-01

Improved 0.1.3

New option titled "Selection only" and a a bug correction. More details on the blog.

Posted by Elendir 2011-07-29

Two versions up!

In the last few days Dark Exporter moved from version 0.0.9 to 0.1.2. Now the addon is compatible with Blender 2.58a. Version 0.1.2 addresses the problem of lack of support for GIF in Blender 2.58. More info in the official documentation.

Posted by Elendir 2011-07-15

Version update

New version 0.1.0 is ready! Now Dark Exporter is compatible with Blender 2.58a!

Posted by Elendir 2011-07-12

Polish documentation ready!

I've finished translating the official documentation into Polish. I've also corrected a few things in the text. The software is now in stable phase!

Posted by Elendir 2011-07-01

English documentation ready!

I updated the official documentation of Dark Exporter 0.0.7 for Blender 2.5x. It's available in English. Polish translation should be available soon.

Posted by Elendir 2011-06-14


I've managed to write a full documentation for Dark Exporter, so I decided to switch the development phase to Beta.

The documentation is available on my my site: http://www.bytehold.com/index.php/projects/dark-exporter

Posted by Elendir 2011-04-26

Version 0.0.6 is ready for download!

I've included just two new options. You can read about it on the developer blog (https://sourceforge.net/apps/wordpress/darkexporter/).

Posted by Elendir 2011-04-13