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Introduces a new tracking system to follow your forked submissions to the end!

When logs are forked it is impossible to tell if it has been accepted or not, so this ID system will allow you to track the submission and see it's outcome. It also cuts down on resources when sending the logs to the background. Currently in testing on demo site this new feature requires mysql access.

v9 is soon to be in development to support v1.2 of the audioscrobbler protocol. This new protocol does not allow submissions in the past at the moment, this is a feature the developers at audioscrobbler didn't include in this beta release of the protocol.
I am considering releasing future scripts in 2 flavours until the new protocol is made official

Posted by Paul Stead 2007-06-05


Well its released.

Feedback is always welcome

Posted by Paul Stead 2007-04-05

Project Opening Post


The code is currently being hosted at http://paulstead.com/scrob/

I am tidying up the script at the moment so it is suitable for release. This mainly means tidying up the PHP and HTML code and making the script look presentable.

Currently only the script is available via the project web site as listed above

Posted by Paul Stead 2007-03-01