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DaMonkey V1.0 BETA 2 released

Minor bug fixes released in BETA 2. Checkout the release notes for more details.

About DaMonkey
DaMonkey is a database access layer code generator for the .NET 2.0 Framework. DaMonkey has a GUI designer and generates SQL as well as VB and C# code. The generated code supports multiple databases, locking, transctions and audit trails

Posted by vibul 2006-01-09

DaMonkey V1.0 Beta 1 is released

DaMonkey is a Database Access Layer code generator for the .NET 2.0 framework. It genreates both your SQL scripts as well as the DAL code in either C# or VB.

Please be gentle. This is my first open source project.

Posted by vibul 2005-12-20