User Username and Password: Eliminate Random Generation of Username and Password.

  • Sharafa

    Sharafa - 2014-04-20

    Hello all,

    I have successfully installed and configured freeradius+daloradius+mysql+mikrotik. I then integrated it with our local payment solutions because paypal does not support the local currency. However, the portal generates a random PIN code which is the username for the user and shows it to him. I have however has pressure from my clients because they would like to have control over their own usernames and passwords.

    I would like to capture the users details during the payment procedure and enable them to select their own desired username and password. They then login in with these details and are then later able to change then as desired.

    I am not very knowledgeable to technicalities of daloradius. Could you kindly assist me in doing this.

    Please help :-(

    Last edit: Sharafa 2014-04-20
  • Liran Tal

    Liran Tal - 2014-04-25

    This obviously requires some hands-on development but the overall approach should be:

    1. Use a captive portal which enables you to sign-up the user with a username and password (I believe captive portal 2 is the best stable version to go with for doing this)

    2. Once the user signed-up to create an account, add an entry with his chosen username and password to the radius database but also add an entry which rejects the connection, such as Auth-Type := Reject (or add him to a radgroupcheck which is for disabled users). This will ensure that even though you added the user to the database, they can't immediately sign-in and connect without confirming their payment.

    3. Once the payment has been confirmed you should update that user entry and remove the rejection attribute (or remove them from the radgroupcheck profile) so they can connect.

    Now you just need to implement that... :)

    Thanks for the positive feedback Sharafa.



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