Markus Gylling - 2007-02-20

the mockup does not contain any indications on the design of the job addition wizard. Below some thoughts on its nature.

The wizard needs to deliver three things: 1)the identity of a script to be run, 2)an input object (File, URI) 3) an abstract

representation (File/URI) destination filesystem folder.

Number 2 needs to exist for the job to be valid. 3 does not need to exist (assuring its existance is currently delegated to

transformer level).

1-2-3 above is also the logical selection sequence. The script will define a required input mimetype - you could use

org.daisy.util.mime to get a name filter for the file select dialog.

Further, as we are adding script-level documentation this spring, the wizard also needs to expose the ability to invoke script

documentation. As we are considering a static documentation view separate from the wizard, there is surely some amount of

interaction here. Thoughts welcome!